Nitrate Provides a Wide Range of Services

Nitrate provides filmmakers and studios a wide range of production and post production services. Listed below are some of the major areas we cover. We pride ourselves on being in touch with the latest technology and creativity. If you don’t see something below, it does not mean we can’t accomplish it for you. Please reach out to us with your next project.

Post Production Services

Film Scanning

Nitrate utilizes a variety of scanners to fit both the technical needs of your project and to meet budget concerns. We can scan in any format up to and including 4k. With our laboratory background and years of handling problematic elements as well as nitrate film, we are confident that we can produce the best film scans available.

Color Correction

Nitrate’s color suite is based around a Da Vinci / Black Magic Resolve system with 4k and HDR color grading and play back image data capability in real time.

Image Conform

Nitrate provides picture conform to match your EDL and reference cut. Combined with color correction and our DI producers, we will collaborate with production to realize your vision.

Picture Restoration

Utilizing state of the art digital restoration tools, Nitrate can tackle any type of film or video related defect from simple dirt and scratch repair to de-warping, stability issues, grain management and YCM registration errors.

Audio Conform and Mixing

Nitrate provides an assortment of audio conform and mixing services from simple fold downs to complete film soundtracks.

Audio Restoration

Nitrate provides audio restoration and transfer from various formats to file based formats. Migration of Audio Tape Formats; DA-88/98/98HR, DAT, Audio Cassette, Phonograph (Vinyl/Lacquer/Glass), 1/4″ Analog Audio Tape, 1/2″ Analog Audio Tape, 2″ Analog Audio Tape.

Audio Layback

Nitrate provides audio layback services allowing you to create all the deliverables necessary for your project.

File Formatting, Package Creation and Data Migration

Nitrate can help you with creation of media files and packages along with migrating your image and audio data over various tape and file formats. We can also help you with your long-term archive strategies.

Quality Control

Nitrate offers mastering level QC for both picture and sound to ensure all files meet specifications and are of the utmost quality.

Final Delivery

We can deliver any file format including IMF and DCP. We offer electronic and physical media recordings (i.e. Hard Drive,  LTO).